About Alperton

Manufacturing Partners
Fig.1 "Balanced Outcomes"

Mission Statement:

Alperton Engineering Limited are distributors for World leading Manufacturers of Engineering Plastic stock shapes and Power Transmission equipment that are used in nearly all Industrial markets.      We provide ready-available competitive, reliable products, and utilize our experienced technical and marketing expertise to bridge the Technological advances of our Global Manufacturers to our customers, enabling enhancement of their processes, and or product performance. We seek to continually innovate and improve our business processes, technical abilities, and resources to maximize value for our customers, and better our company performance.

Our Vision

To have Alperton Engineering Limited recognized as one of Europe's respected Distributors. Everyone interacting with the Alperton Team will recognize them as their Partner and as the Leader in our field.

We will enhance our Leadership position by committing to our Shared Mission and Values and emphasizing the Continuous improvement of our relationships and our processes. Our measures of success will be the satisfaction and retention of all our Stakeholders (Fig.1), and the improvement of our recognition.

Our Values


We shall: Maintain unequivocal commitment to honesty and truth in every aspect of our business. We shall achieve this by:

  • Assuming responsibility for our own mistakes
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Act and follow through on our promises and commitments


We shall: Constantly look for opportunities that will enable Alperton to be unique and gain competitive advantage by:

  • Acting in ways that enables us to achieve the medium and long-term shared goals of our stakeholders.
  • Staff will be encouraged to develop their skills & knowledge to enable them to maximize their contribution to our and their success.
  • Provide the highest level of service and reliability in all our systems and practices.


We shall:

  • Encourage, enjoy what we do, and cheer each other on towards achieving our shared goals, values and purpose.
  • Provide coaching and feedback to develop team members that can fulfill their own, and the companies potential.
  • Empower our staff to maximize effectiveness.
  • Be pro-active in sharing information with each other in an open and clear manner.
  • Provide a safe, pleasant work environment and promote health and safety concern.
  • Continuously look to improve our technical and operational capabilities in order that we can help our customers enhance their processes and/or products they have.

In staying with our values our reward is simple "Worthwhile Work" and gives all of us here in Alperton huge satisfaction of making a contribution to this ever-changing world.

John Moran