Engineering Plastics History

Our History

It’s a long time ago, April 1978 to be exact, when Alperton was established.

Back then we realised the opportunity that Engineering Plastics had for engineers in replacing metals.

How? They offered:

  • Longer part life
  • Elimination of lubrication
  • Reduced wear on mating parts
  • Faster operation of equipment
  • Less power needed to run equipment
  • Corrosion resistance and inertness.
  • Lightweight

So, we started a journey that today sees us as market leaders in Ireland, applying the core values as we had in 1978. ie Having partnerships with the best and most innovative manufacturers on the scene today, staff who are dedicated and possess a high level of application & material knowledge, and customers we love to serve and who appreciate the added value we provide.

In today’s world, the market for all Engineering Plastics is as broad as it is exciting, from traditional industries that are labored towards efficiency, reliability, quality, health & safety and cost saving, to the new Hi-Tech industries that demand so much more from materials such as-

  • ESD/ Anti-static properties
  • High Electrical insulation
  • Higher Temperature / Chemical / Radiation / Hydrolysis (steam) resistance
  • FDA Compliant
  • Low Out gassing
  • High Ionic Purity level

all in combination with very precise Dimensional Stability

These are extraordinary times for Alperton.

With the combination of our strengths and resources we are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with the right solutions in their applications.

I hope you will allow us an opportunity to enhance a process / product you may have.

Our reward in this is simple: Worthwhile Work! and gives all of us Huge satisfaction of making a contribution to this ever-changing world.

Yours Sincerely,

John Moran