Advanced Eng.,Materials (160-220°C)

PVDF, ECTFE, PTFE, PSU, PEI, PPSU, PPS, PEEK, Fluorosint®, Duraton®, Ketron®, Quadrant®, Techtron®, Semitron®

Duratron ® PBI, and Duratron ® PAI are designed for top performance in both structural and friction & wear applications! Characterised by an extreme temperature resistance [up to 310 °C continuously for Duratron PBI], these materials perform where others would fail. The semi-crystalline Ketron ® PEEK, Techtron ® PPS, & Fluorosint ® typically offer a combination of excellent chemical and mechanical properties, also at elevated temperatures. These materials can be used for both structural and friction & wear applications. The amorphous Quadrant ® PPSU, Quadrant ® PSU and Duratron ® PEI exhibit an outstanding retention of their mechanical properties up to the glass transition temperature and excellent electrical properties. Additionally, their hydrolysis resistance [autoclavability] offer great possibilities for structural parts in medical, pharmaceutical and dairy industries.

Note if Food Grades acc to EU 10/2011 are required it must be advised at time of enquiry, as they are purchased and certified to Order.

Brand Abbr. Product Description Product Info
Symalit® 1000 PVDF PVDF Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Colour Natural
Fluorosint® 500 PTFE + Mica PTFE + Mica : Colour Ivory
Fluorosint® 207 PTFE + Mica : PTFE + Mica : Colour White
Fluorosint® MT-01 PTFE + Additive PTFE + Additive : Colour Dark-Grey
Duratron ® U1000 PEI PEI Polyethermide PEI : Colour Natural (Amber Translucent)
Quadrant® 1000 PSU PSU 1000 Polysulfone (PSU) Polysulfone (PSU) : Colour Natural (Yellow Translucent)
Quadrant ® PPSU PPSU Polyphenylene Sulfone PPSU : Colour Black
Techtron® HPV PPS PPS + Additive Polyphenylene Sulphide PPS + Additives : Colour Deep Blue
Ketron® 1000 PEEK PEEK Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) : Colour Natural (Brownish-Grey)
Ketron® GF30 PEEK PEEK PEEK + 30% Glass-Reinforced ; Colour Natural (Brownish-Grey)
Ketron® CA30 PEEK PEEK -CA30 PEEK + 30% Carbon Fibre - Reinforced : Colour Black
Ketron® HPV PEEK PEEK + CF + PTFE + Graphite PEEK + CF + PTFE + Graphite : Colour Black
Semitron® CMP XL20 CMP XL20 Semitron® CMP XL 20
Semitron® CMP LL5 CMP LL5 Semitron® CMP LL5 :Colour White Opaque
Semitron® MP 370 MP 370 Semitron® MP 370
Semitron® MDS 100 MDS 100 Semitron® MDS 100 : Colour Light Grey
Ketron® MD PEEK + Metal Detectable Additive PEEK + Metal Detectable Additive