Engineering Materials (80-160°C)

Engineering Materials - PA, POM, PET, PC, Ertalon®, Nylatron®, Ertalyte®, Norylux ®

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products offers both homopolymer and copolymer grades of ERTACETAL including an enhanced bearing grade material. Semi-crystalline Ertalon and Nylatron materials offer a high toughness, a low coefficient of friction and a good wear resistance. These properties make them ideal replacements for a wide variety of materials from metal to rubber.Unreinforced, semi-crystalline Ertalyte offers a very good dimensional stability in combination with excellent wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction, high strength and resistance to moderate acidic solutions. 

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is marketing non-UV-stabilized polycarbonate stock shapes under the trade name PC 1000. It is a natural, "non-optical" industrial quality (clear, translucent). 

Note if Food Grades acc to EU 10/2011 are required it must be advised at time of enquiry, as they are purchased and certified to Order.

Brand Abbr. Product Description Product Info
Ertalon® 6 SA PA6 Polyamide Extruded Nylon 6 : Colour Natural (White)
Nylon 6 Thin Sheet 0-6mm Thick PA6 PA6 (Natural)
Ertalon® 66 SA PA66 Polyamide Extruded Nylon 66 : Colour Natural (Cream)
Nylon 66 Thin Sheet 0-6mm Thick PA66 PA66 (Natural)
Ertalon® 66 GF30 PA66+30%GF Nylon 66+ 30% Glass Fibre : Colour Black
Ertalon® 4.6 PA4.6 Extruded Nylon 4.6 : Colour Reddish-Brown
Ertalon® 6 PLA PA6 Cast Nylon 6 : Colour Natural (Ivory)
Ertalon® 6XAU+ PA6 Cast Nylon 6 + Heat Stabilzer : Colour Black
Ertalon® LFX PA6+ Oil Cast Nylon 6 + Oil : Colour Green
Nylatron® GS PA66 PA66 + MoS2 : Colour Grey-Black
Nylatron® GSM PA6 PA6 + MoS2 : Colour Grey-Black
Nylatron® MC901 PA6 Cast PA6 : Colour Blue
Nylatron® NSM PA6 PA6 + Solid Lubricant : Colour Grey
Nylatron® 703XL PA6 PA6 + Internal Lubricants : Colour Purple
Ertalyte® PET Polyethylene terephtalate
Ertalyte® TX PET PET + Solid Lubricant : Colour Light Grey
Ertacetal ® C POM-C Polyacetal
Ertacetal ® H POM-H Polyacetal
Ertacetal ® H-TF POM-H + PTFE Polyacetal
Quadrant® 1000 PC PC Polycarbonate : Colour Clear Translucent
Norylux ® PPO Modified Polyphenylene oxide
Acetron® MD POM Metal Detectable POM Metal Detectable
Nylatron® MD PA6 + Metal Detectable additive PA6 + Metal Detectable additive
Nylatron® 66 SA FR PA66 Flame Retardant PA66 Flame Retardant