Extreme Materials (>220°C)

Material Grades that are subjected to Extreme Temperature or are required to perform in highly technical environments.

PI, PAI, PBI. Vespel®, Duratron®, Semitron ®.

Note if Food Grades acc to EU 10/2011 are required it must be advised at time of enquiry as they are ordered in an certified to Order.

Brand Abbr. Product Description Product Info
Semitron® MPR1000 MPR1000 PAI + Additives : Colour Natural
Duraton® T5530 PAI PAI
Duratron® T4203 PAI PAI PAI - T4203 Extruded : Colour Yellow-Ochre
Duratron® T4503 PAI PAI PAI Compression Moulded : Colour Yellow-Ochre
Duratron® T4301 PAI PAI Duratron T4301 Extruded PAI + Graphite + PTFE : Colour Black
Duratron® CU60 PBI PBI Polybenzimidazole PBI : Colour Black
Vespel® PI Polyimide (PI)