Laminated screens with drastically increased integral strength and unimpaired optical clarity.

Fully laminated windows consist of the two outer layers of glass or plastic bonded together with a clear optical interlayer. Micro-fine meshes and coloured optical films can also be incorporated for maximum contrast enhancement.

Materials Available – Glass, Polycarbonate and cold laminated acrylic any size or shape can be manufactured to a maximum of 2000mm x 1500mm ( Non Shielded )or 1900mm x 900mm ( Shielded ) with micro-fine mesh set at 90° angle.

For shielded windows a range of edge terminations including flying lead mesh are available together with conductive and adhesive gaskets.

Surface Finishes

Non-Glare coatings are available in various gloss levels, a good cost effective solution in glass and plastic screens.
Multi-layer anti reflection (AR) coatings reduce the surface reflection and maximise the light transmission.
Anti-bacterial coated glass for hospital and medical applications EML filter windows can be manufactured with a micro-fine mesh or a clear conductive ITO coatings.