Kaylan metal forming for sheeting, rods and blocks in a variety of sizes, hardnesses and colours.

It's a proven fact that organisations who use specially-formulated Kaylan for sheet metal forming within their manufacturing process achieve superior tolerance control during the production of vital components. What's more, Kaylan has eliminated 90% of the manual re-work that has historically been required, saving both time and money.

Enhanced performance

A specially-developed range of Kaylan materials is being used to enhance performance across a wide range of metal pressing techniques. From traditional press braking, rubber pad pressing and stretch forming right through to the latest hydroforming processes. What's more, Kaylan not only withstands repeated flexing under enormous pressure, it also intensifies the pressing action to ensure a superior finished product.

Improved productivity

Resistant to cuts, abrasion and punctures, Kaylan slave sheets also improve the life of the presses by protecting the rubber pad or PU diaphragm from damage by debris and sharp edges. Plus, by offering improved forming characteristics at lower pressing forces, Kaylan reduces both stress and wear on the machine leading to longer service intervals and improved productivity.

Free from marks

Kaylan also eliminates the secondary polishing often required after metal has been marked during the press braking process. By using Kaylan film whilst press braking, performance is enhanced and metal parts are repeatedly produced free of any marking from the press tool.

Product applications

Shown below are some of the areas where Kaylan metal forming can be successfully applied. However, we can custom-make virtually any part that you need, so if you don’t see the solution below, just ask us and we will do our best to create a solution.


  • Replacement of traditional rubber press pads with superior Kaylan
  • Overlay Slave Rubbers
  • Intensifyers
  • Press Brake Rubbers
  • Non marking film
  • Stretch forming pads
  • Trayfill pads