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The underside of a World Rally Car sustains incredible punishment on just a single forest or gravel rally stage, so it's obvious why a hard wearing, durable material like Kaylan® is proving so popular in the fabrication of rally car parts.

The need for protection

With up to 450bhp going to the wheels, you can imagine the damage that stones, mud, grit and sand can do to the exposed suspension and other mechanicals as they bombard these precision, and extremely expensive, items at high velocity. Accordingly, manufacturers who have spent millions of pounds designing such thoroughbreds, insist that only the very best materials are used to protect the vehicle properly.

The simple solution

Fortunately, Kaylan special elastomers are purpose-built to overcome the rigours of such harsh environments. Capable of withstanding repeated flexing, excellent in extremes of temperature (-30°C to +80°C), and resistant to both high impact and abrasion, Kaylan is the ideal material to protect such expensive machinery.

Effective in all conditions

Components made from Kaylan, such as under-body protection, rally mud flaps and wheel arch linings, offer the same excellent performance in extremes of weather. Whether the temperature is below 30°c or in excess of 80°c. Plus its effective resistance to oils, greases and other potentially harmful chemicals makes it the ideal material for use around high powered engines.

‘To finish first, first you have to finish’

It’s not surprising that the world’s top Rally Teams trust their cars to the lightweight material that beats all other traditional ones hands down. Both Works Teams and privateers alike are saving thousands of pounds, week in week out, by not having to replace damaged parts which - just like their cars - successfully stay the course.

Product applications

Shown below are some of the areas where Kaylan can be successfully used to enhance performance and protect against race wear and tear. However, we’re both willing and able to custom-make virtually any part that you may need. So if you don’t see the solution below, just ask.

  • Mudflaps (both moulded and punched)
  • Protection for; Trailing Arms, Gearbox, Rose Joints, Toe Links, Differential and General Under-body Protection
  • Wheel Arch Lining
  • Engine and Gearbox Mounts  
  • Bushes and Bumpstops
  • Sump and Tank Guards
  • Aerodynamic Splitters

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