Medical / Life Science Grades

Our Key Manufacturer Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products supplies semi-finished materials for the Life Science sector, for applications in  the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, orthopaedics, analytical and dental industries. . 

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Quadrant’s “Life Science Grades” are approved for body and tissue contact up to 24 hrs (with the exception of 30 days for Ketron® CLASSIX™ LSG PEEK) and fulfill security and regulatory requirements of notified bodies. These grades have been developed and tested for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and USP requirements. They allow for expedited medical device clearance. In addition, Change Control Processes to comply with notifications and change requests are established for Quadrant’s “Life Science Grades”. Certification and documentation is provided and established. For implantable UHMW-PE development and manufacturing, Quadrant is ISO13485 certified; these grades are intended for long-term implantation.


Rely on a competent partner in design and feasibility process to choose the “right material” for sensitive Medical and Life Science applications. Quadrant has a long-term history of and experience in supplying Engineering Plastics Solutions for Life Science and Medical applications.


Choose from a broad range of Quadrant’s proven Engineering Plastics such as PEEK, PAI, PEI, PPSU, POM and implantable grade UHMW-PE having long-term and proven records in the Medical and Life Science Industry. All products are supplied with certification confirming USP Class VI and ISO 10993 compliance.

Brand Abbr. Product Description Product Info
Proteus® LSG HS PP PP-LSG Heat-stabilized Polypropylene
Acetron® LSG POM-C POM Life Science Grade : Colour Natural Black/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green/Brown
Quadrant® LSG PC PC PC Natural Clear Translucent
Duratron® LSG PEI PEI PEI Life Science Grade : Colour Amber Translucent
Quadrant® LSG PPSU PPSU PPSU Life Science Grade :
Quadrant® LSG PSU PSU PSU Natural (Yellow Translucent)
Ketron® LSG PEEK PEEK PEEK Natural (Brownish Grey)
Ketron® LSG GF30 PEEK PEEK PEEK GF30 Life Science Grade : Colour Blue
Ketron® LSG CA30 PEEK PEEK PEEK-CA30 Life Science Grade : Colour Black
Propylux® HS2 PP-HS Polypropylene - heat stabilized
Ertalon® 6 SA PA6 Polyamide Extruded Nylon 6 : Colour Natural (White)
Duratron ® U1000 PEI PEI Polyethermide PEI : Colour Natural (Amber Translucent)
PROPYLUX® HS PP-HS Polypropylene - heat stabilized -Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow

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