Metal Detectable Plastics

Do You need increased efficiency and reduced costs, a material that is Lightweight, chemical resistance, and suitable for clean-in-place technology, and METAL DETECTABLE ?

See our range of Metal Detectable Grades used in applications within the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Main Material Selection Performance Criteria:

  • Metal detect ability 

          Pieces > 27 mm3 also for wet food stuff (meat)

  • Impact resistance

          Charpy notched (at least 4,7 kJ/m2)

  • Food contact compliancy

           FDA and EU 2002/72 EC

  • Convenient price
  • Mechanical properties close to virgin material

Brand Abbr. Product Description Product Info
Nylatron® MD PA6 + Metal Detectable additive PA6 + Metal Detectable additive
Acetron® MD POM Metal Detectable POM Metal Detectable
TIVAR MD UHMWPE + Metal Detectable additive UHMWPE + Metal Detectable additive
Ketron® MD PEEK + Metal Detectable Additive PEEK + Metal Detectable Additive
Acetron® LSG POM-C POM Life Science Grade : Colour Natural Black/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green/Brown