Vespel® Custom Parts & Stock Shapes

Vespel® shapes provide outstanding design flexibility combined with
a unique combination of the physical properties common among
engineered plastics, metals and ceramics.

Vespel® shapes offer:

• Proven successful performance in applications from cyrogenic                                                                                                                                                    
to 349 °C (660 °F), with excursions to 482 °C (900 °F)
• Low wear and friction at high pressures and velocities
(lubricated or unlubricated)
• Outstanding creep resistance
• Strength and impact resistance
• Exceptional chemical resistance
• Excellent machinability
Specify the best DuPont™ Vespel® product to meet your
application requirements

SP-1 for physical and electrical properties

• superior wear, maximum strength and elongation
• minimal electrical and thermal conductivity
• low outgassing with high purity

SP-3 for unlubricated sealing and low wear in vacuum or dry environments

• maximum wear and friction resistance
• ultra-low outgassing

SP-21 for balanced low wear and physical properties

• low-friction properties work with or without lubrication
• long elongation and high stiffness

SP-211 for low coefficient of friction and unlubricated wear

• lower coefficient of friction even without lubrication than SP-21
• excellent creep resistance

SP-22 for low wear and dimensional stability

• enhanced resistance to wear and friction
• minimal thermal expansion
• oxidative stability

SP-202 for electrical conductivity with low wear rates

• electrostatic charge removal
• maintains tolerances in high heat and through
multiple cycles

SCP-5000 for strength, hardness and chemical resistance over broad temperature range

• high wear resistance with low outgassing and high purity
• thermal oxidative stability

SCP-5009 for higher temperature and better compressive strength

• lower coefficient of friction without lubrication
• excellent sealing capability

SCP-50094 for high temperatures and wear resistance

• superior wear
• thermal oxidative stability

SCP-5050 for high temperatures, wear resistance and exceptional coefficient of friction

• improved high temperature and wear resistance
• coefficient of thermal expansion similar to steel

Specify Authentic DuPont™ Vespel® shapes

Authentic DuPont™ Vespel® shapes are a
combination of material composition, geometric
size/shape and process method. They are
manufactured only by DuPont and sold only
through Authorized Distributors of DuPont™
The DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes business
uses compression and isostatic molding methods                                                                                                                
to manufacture shapes. These two methods
produce shapes with different properties. For
example, a rod machined from compression
molded plaque will not perform the same as a
rod produced by isostatic molding. Therefore, it
is essential that you ensure you are getting the
product you require or performance may suffer.
Product purchased from an Authorized
DuPont Distributor will be labeled with a
genuine DuPont™ Vespel® shapes product
label and be accompanied by an official
certificate of conformance (CoC). They
are sold only through DuPont Authorized
Distributors of Vespel® shapes.

Vespel® shapes are available in a wide
variety of sizes.

The descriptions in the table below give you
an overview of the sizes in the standard
Vespel® shapes line. However, we can often
produce shapes to meet special needs.