Challenge in Food & Bevarage Packaging for Ketron® HPV PEEK (Bearing Grade)

Posted: 6th February, 2015 in Engineering Plastics

Ketron® HPV PEEK

Trends in consumer product variety pose great challenges to the packaging industry, e.g. lower batch sizes on the one hand and an increase of product and format changes on the other are required. Packaging machines have to be extremely flexible, offer a broad bandwidth of formats and quick changes between formats.

This pick-and-place unit is equipped with a Ketron® HPV PEEK ball screw allowing higher operating speeds and resulting into less wear. To move higher loads like beer cases, this Ketron® HPV PEEK screw is reinforced with a steel core giving a higher stiffness to the ball screw.

Ketron® HPV PEEK spindle in combination with the alloy tube brought the essential high stiffness and allowed the customer to move big loads at high speeds.

The addition of carbon fibers, PTFE and graphite to virgin PEEK results in a Ketron PEEK "Bearing Grade" (colour: black) having excellent tribological properties (low friction, long wear and high pressure-velocity capabilities) making it well suited in this demanding application:-


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