MEET: Nylatron NSM:

Posted: 8th August, 2014 in Engineering Plastics

Developed for demanding applications, my superior wear resistance and excellent cost make me a great value product. You might see me in bearings, rollers, and wear pads outdoing all the competition!

Nylatron® NSM - Wear Resistant Nylon

Product Overview

  • Self lubricating Nylon 6 for superior wear resistance
  • Highest wear resistant thermoplastic available
  • k-factor = 12Wear pads made of Nylatron® NSM nylon are light weight, able to support heavy loads, are non-abrasive to mating surfaces. (Prior material: Bronze and cast iron covered with UHMW-PE)
  • PV = 5 X standard cast nylons (PV=Pressure Velocity)
  • Extended part life
  • Excellent Cost vs. Performance Ratio Value
  • Continues to outperform others or other materials time and time again

Measure the Performance 

Developed specifically for demanding applications, Nylatron® NSM outperforms all other "premium" wear grade materials by far. Ideal for bearings and wear pads, Nylatron® NSM offers advantages beyond superior wear resistance at an affordable price. It provides weight and noise reduction, corrosion resistance, and easy machining. With less downtime and reduced maintenance, save time and money by realizing the increased performance and productivity of this self-lubricating nylon.

Nylatron® NSM is available in Alperton in a wide range of sizes in Rod, Plate, Strip and Tube - please ask us to quote for the size you require

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