Metal Detectable Plastics

Posted: 6th October, 2015 in Engineering Plastics

Do You need increased efficiency and reduced costs, a material that is Lightweight, chemical resistance, and suitable for clean-in-place technology, and METAL DETECTABLE ? See our range of Metal Detectable Grades used in applications within the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The foremost goal in the food and beverage production & packaging industry is to deliver high quality, healthy and safe products. A highly regulated market where not meeting international standards can quickly become a major threat to the business, a product recall could turn into the worst case scenario for a producer. At the same time, market dynamics force a continuous cost and productivity improvement. Producers need to prevent contamination of food caused by e.g. breakage or wear of equipment parts, using predominantly metal detectors. Replacing equipment parts with engineering plastics can improve production speed or extend productive cycles of machines due to reduced downtime significantly. The growing demand for polymer materials as a replacement of metal parts presents strong demand for new and improved, metal detectable plastics.


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