New development Nylatron® 66 SA FR – Flame Retardant PA66 for large plastic parts production

Posted: 12th October, 2015 in Engineering Plastics

Introducing Nylatron 66 SA FR – a newly developed flame retardant PA66. This new material meets the requirements of EN 45545-2 and UL94 V0, yet it does not contain any hazardous materials.

Nylatron 66 SA FR, and parts made of it, complies with the existing standards  - REACH, RoHS and WEEE.

Why flame retardant materials?

  • Time to escape is critical
  • Flame retardant materials buy time
  • Many factors infl uence the survival time

Its flame retardant properties fulfill the requirements of electrical applications in rail and for general functional components below 2000 grams weight.

Fire incidents in industrial and domestic environments are often caused by electrical equipment failures like overload, sparks or short-circuits. To prevent the risk of ignition and diff usion of fl ames, fire resistant materials like concrete, steel or ceramics are used. Once ignited however, the materials in the environment determine how quickly the flames spread, the level of smoke generation, and the time available to control the fi re - or allow time to leave the scene. Nearly all organic materials become fuel for the fi re. Plastics by nature are based on crude oil or similar organic materials and combust easily.

In addition to its superior flame retardant properties, new Nylatron 66 SA FR provides all the advantages of a PA66 vs. standard nylon, making it possible for the first time to extrude even large diameter shapes of flame retardant Nylon, and replacing existing Nylon applications with step-changing flame retardant technology material. This material will be available in rods and plates all colored black.


Typical Applications

  • Cable holders
  • Cable clamps
  • Cable channels
  • Connectors


To read more about Nylatron 66 FR and its benefits please read more on this Flyer.

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