NEW - Proteus® LSG HS PP

Posted: 14th August, 2014 in Engineering Plastics

Proteus® LSG HS PP

Market Trends::: Uncompromised quality is key in the medical industry. Materials with an excellent cost performance ratio are the future in a more and more sensitive Medical and Life Science Industry. In addition, proof of biocompatibility and controls are prerequisites for sustainable material qualifications.

Quadrant’s Proteus® LSG HS PP (heat-stabilized Polypropylene) exhibits a heat deflection temperature that allows the material to be used in repeated steam and autoclave sterilization cycles. It is highly resistant to cleaning agents, disinfectants and various solvents. Typical applications for Proteus® LSG HS PP include surgical trays, caddies and instrument components.

Customer Benefits

Quadrant’s Proteus® LSG HS PP is available as plates.The production process includes a special heat-treatment phase that allows for the higher heat deflection temperature and, thus, improved machinability and dimensional stability. Under the label of Quadrant’s Life Science Grades (LSG), Proteus® LSG HS PP shapes are tested and certifi ed for biocompatibility per ISO10993-5. Proteus® LSG HS PP plates are produced from natural homopolymer base resin that is USP Class VI compliant and that meets the food contact code of regulations specified by the FDA. This off ers the designer increased safety, approval facilitation, as well as reduced cost and time to market.

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Proteus® LSG HS PP is standard available in sheets in different thickness: - please ask us to quote for the size you require?

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