QUADRANT EPP proprietary technology extends plastics performance range

Posted: 24th August, 2014 in Engineering Plastics

Quadrant EPP has developed unique polymer technology that extends the performance boundaries of standard engineering plastics in machined parts.

Quadrant EPP has developed unique polymer technology that extends the performance boundaries of standard engineering plastics in machined parts. These extreme levels of performance improve the productivity, efficiency, quality and life of equipment by bringing clear benefit to their already established materials.

Performance Benefits:

  • Improved bearing and wear resistance
  • Strength at extreme temperatures
  • Dimensionally stable at temperature extremes
  • Static dissipation and conductivity
  • Enhanced purity


Nylatron® 703 XL:

A new standard in Wear Resistance & Motion Control

Key benefits

  • No “Stick-Slip”
    Nylatron® 703 XL is the only nylon with ZERO stick-slip under all circumstances (fully tested against unpainted surfaces, but tests and field experience against painted surfaces show identical results. To be confirmed by actual testing in the different applications). The ZERO stick-slip property allows for more precise, more sensitive motion control, additionally it can increase the overall energy efficiency of a system.
  • Lowest coefficient of friction
  • Comparative tests done by an independent research institute have established that Nylatron® 703 XL has the lowest dynamic and static coefficient of friction of any commercial nylon. Nylatron® 703 XL ensures more accurate smaller movements by today’s sophisticated control devices or efficiency improvements in the design of the system.
  • Best wear performance

    General Eng Plastics Comparative Wear Resistance Graph

    The low dynamic coefficient of friction results in good wear resistance, which reduce or in many cases eliminate lubrication. Nylatron® 703 XL allows for longer life times of the components and mating parts.
  • Excellent mechanical strength to withstand high loads
    Nylatron® 703 XL has mechanical properties similar to other internally lubricated nylons, and the high thermal resistance as our other cast nylons.     


(Pic 1) Sliding/wear pads in telescopic crane booms in Nylatron® 703 XL

Nylatron® 703 XL is already in use in the European, North American and Asian Market for different applications. One of these are sliding/wear pads in telescopic crane booms (Pic 1). Nylatron® 703 XL is there the Nylon material of choice because of the virtual absence of vibrations during the movement of the boom resulting in more efficient positioning of the crane and as an added bonus safer working standards. In Europe the use of the material has resulted in the first truly lubrication free crane boom, because of the elimination of stick-slip. 

Other targeted applications are wear pads in conveyor systems where Nylatron® 703 XL can avoid vibration of the installation but also reduce operational energy cost. Also applications in Forestry Equipment, Pneumatic and Electric controlled sliding pads and special Vehicle construction are in the reach of the material at the moment.
Nylatron® 703 XL is standard available in plates at different thickness: 10, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 mm at the maximum size 3050 x 1220. Custom Cast Shapes are available upon request.  It is available in Alperton in a wide range of sizes in Rod, Plate, and Strip - please ask us to quote for the size you require?

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