Quadrant’s LSG PPSU in Brachytherapy Device

Posted: 30th July, 2014 in Engineering Plastics

Quadrant® LSG PPSU is also Available in Natural

Biocompatible polymer material supporting the special requirements of oncological treatments Brachytherapy, a form of radiotherapy, is an advanced minimally invasive oncology procedure commonly used in the treatment of prostate, vaginal, cervical and head and neck cancer. A small radioactive source is placed in or near the tumour itself, giving a high radiation dose while minimising the radiation exposure of the surrounding healthy tissues. Brachytherapy applicators are used in the surgical procedure to insert the radioactive source and to position it in or near the area to be treated. Positioning often takes place with the aid of CT (Computerised Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans. Crucially, these scans need to provide extremely clear images for accurate positioning of the probe. Following treatment procedures, the applicators and applicator accessories are sterilised through high temperature autoclaving and hence the materials used need to be able to withstand both frequent autoclaving cycles and harsh chemical cleaning for repeat use.

Key Requirements

Conventional metal-based applicators can produce distorted imaging. Other engineering polymer materials such as POM (polyacetal) and PSU (polysulfone) are vulnerable to repeat sterilisation cycles. Materials used in the manufacture of Brachytherapy applicators therefore need to contain a combination of key properties that includes biocompatibility (USP XXIII Class VI and ISO ISO 10993) for in-vivo insertion; excellent resistance to steam autoclaving for repeat sterilisation; excellent chemical cleaner resistance, ability to produce clear, non-distorted CT and MR images to aid in-body positioning of the probe, and have good impact resistance. In this case, Quadrant performed additional testing on ISO 10993-10 (Intracutaneous Reactivity) and ISO 10993-11 (Accute Systemic Toxicity) on  Quadrant® LSG PPSU natural.

Quadrant’s Recommendation: : Quadrant® LSG PPSU

Customer Benefits

  • Economically advantageous solution due to the optimal combination of material properties
  • Option to offer & support a more comfortable experience for the patient during treatment, as PPSU acts as a thermal insulator, i.e. does not conduct any heat or cold

Why Quadrant ® LSG PPSU

  • Biocompatibility on stock shape (USP XXIII Class VI and ISO 10993-10 [Intracutaneous Reactivity] and -11 compliant)
  • Excellent resistance against steam autoclaving
  • Very good impact resistanc

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