Sliding and wear parts for pharma handling and packaging, and filling and dosing equipment for pharmaceuticals

Posted: 29th September, 2015 in Engineering PlasticsProcess Pumps

TRENDS In today’s competitive pharmaceutical industry, drug production and packaging lines are becoming faster and more efficient. This high-speed processing generates more wear, heat and noise. Parts must also withstand rigorous cleaning and sanitising procedures.


Our Key Manufacturing Partner Quadrant EPP has a wide range of material solutions to address these demands. Their high performance plastics are designed for self-lubricating situations. They withstand high-frequency hot chemical washing. Cleaning is easier due to the smoother surface and reduced adhesion of plastics compared with stainless steel.

Since platics are lighter than metals, weight reduction leads to increased speed and efficiency. In case parts break, colour-coding provides a vital aid, allowing a quick response and easy part exchange.

See also our Flyer on Metal Detectable Grades and FDA Compliant ESd Solutions.


The result is less down time, improved performance and cost savings. Thes solutions for the pharmaceutical industry comply with North American and European regulations. Materials meet the highest USP or FDA standards when required.

We provide high performance plastics as rod, plate or tube for machining. With nealy 40 years of expertise, we can help you build the perfect medical application.