RINGSPANN Freewheels, Backstops & Clutches

Intelligent Solutions in Power Transmission and Workholding Technology

Freewheel Technology

  • Backstops
  • Indexing Freewheels and overrunning clutches
  • Irreversible Locks
  • Freewheel Elements

Shaft - Hub Connections

  • Cone Clamping Elements for inner clamping
  • Star discs and clamping discs for easy self building of clamping devices
  • Flange-Coupling RFK with keyless shaft/hub connection
  • 3-component shrink disc for outer lamping
  • 2-component shrink disc for outer clamping
  • Star spring washers


  • Industrial Disc Brakes
  • Fail-Safe Clamping unit
  • Torque and Force Limiters
  • Torque Limiter with Srew Face, Rollers and Friction Linings
  • Axial-Force Limiter
  • Electronic Speed Control


  • Flexible Coupling
  • Helical-Flexures
  • Flange-Coupling RFK with keyless shaft/hub connection