SEW-Eurodrive has developed the next step for efficient materials handling systems in the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR®. With the motor, gear unit and electronics conbined into one single mechatronic drive system they can comply with super premium eficiency class IE4. With MOVIGEAR®, completely new system concepts can be implemented since energy and data are transferred via one standard cable. This principle is called Single Line ­Installation. Simplified installation leads to significantly reduced installation and system costs. MOVIGEAR® is available in three sizes and two mechanical designs. The MGF.2 has a torque class of 200Nm while the MGF.4 has a torque class of 400Nm with the option of MGF.4/XT for increaded torque, these three sizes are available for hollow shaft with key or TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system. Up to ten MOVIGEAR® drive units can be controlled by one MOVIFIT® SNI installed as an interface between the controller(PLC) and the MOVIGEAR® drive units.