SEW-Eurodrive Movimot® Gearmotor

SEW-Eurodrive's future oriented development of gearmotors with intergrated frequency inverter has been further complemented by the Movimot® D series. With power ratings from 0.37 to 4 kW they require a minimun of additional installation space than that of standard gearmotors and when combined with the energy efficient DR motor series meets the efficiency level required by premium effieciency classification IE3. The Movimot® frequency inverter is available in all gear unit designs, is suitable for all power supply systems worldwide and can be used with field distributors in decentralized installations. 

Features include

  • Power ratings from 0.37 to 4 kW
  • Vector-oriented motor control with or without mechanical brake
  • Enclosure rating IP54, optionally up to IP66
  • Communication with all commercial fieldbus interfaces