SEW-Eurodrive P.MC Series Helical-bevel Planetary Gear Units

The P.MC series is a combination of the P planetary gear unit and a primary gear unit from the MC series to deliver a perfectly matched unit suitable for many applications including the handling of bulk material, construction materials industry and slow running material processing systems. 

Design features include

  • 9 sizes available
  • High transmittable torque
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Large range of available options


Technical data

Gear unit type Stages Gear ratio Nominal torque Mn2
Planetary P1.MC.. 3 & 4 31.5:1 to 500:1 24 ro 185 kNm
Planetary P2.MC.. 4 & 5 100:1 to 4000:1 69 to 359 kNm*

* For combinations over 359 kNm, please contact your local sales representative