SEW-Eurodrive X Series Conveyor Drives

This robust, high torque drive solution consists of proven components from the X series gear unit and with its special housing concept means that it meets the challenging requirements of conveyor belt systems in harsh enviroments. This gear unit offers many design options that are utilized from the comprehensive range of X series accessories and is also available in ATEX design.

Design features include

  • Special horizontal housing for improvesd heat dissipation
  • increased cooling capacity due to efficient fan concept
  • Versatile shaft concepts
  • Pressure lubrication and splash lubrication available
  • Standard backstop; optional torque limited backstop


Technical data

Gear unit type Stages Gear ratio Nominal torque Mn2
Bevel-helical X3K.B.. 3 12.5:1 to 90:1 58 to 475 kNm