SEW-Eurodrive X Series Helical and Bevel-helical Gear Units

The X series range of helical and bevel-helical gear units can be easily adapted to suit a broad range of application situations. Featuring an extremely robust gear unit housing, available in single piece or split configurations, the X series industrial gear unit platform has finely graduated sizes in a wide range of ratios up to 450 kNm torque. The X series benefits from a large number of variants due to predefined accessory equipment and also short delivery times for standard versions and spare parts. The distinctive modular technology can also be customized to suit customer specific adaptations.

Design features include 

  • 23 sizes
  • Universal mounting positions
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Effective cooling systems
  • Reduced costs and weight due to high power density and finely graduated sizes
  • Customer specific adaptations
  • Also available as ATEX version

Technical data

Gear unit type Stages Gear ratio Nominal torque Mn2 
Helical gear units X.F.. 2,3 & 4 6.3:1 to 450:1 6.8 to 475 kNm
Bevel-helical gear units X.K.. 2,3 & 4 6.3:1 to 450:1 6.8 to 475 kNm
Bevel-helical gear units X.T.. 3 & 4 12.5:1 to 450:1 6.8 to 175 kNm