SEW-Eurodrive ML Series Helical and Bevel-helical Gear Units

The ML industrial gear unit ensures that customer specific applications for large machine systems  are catered for with the highest degree of flexibility and varibility. Available in five sizes which cover 180 to 680 kNm, this allows for numerous application options in a variety of industries.

Design features include

  • Flexibility thanks to welded housing construction
  • Suitable for horizontal mounting positions
  • Optional increased canter distance for hoist applications
  • Easy maintenance due to parting line


Technical data

Gear unit type Stages Gear ratio Nominal torque Mn2
Helical ML.P.. 2,3 & 4 5.6:1 to 315:1 180 to 680 kNm
Bevel-helical ML.R.. 2,3 & 4 14:1 to 1250:1 180 to 680 kNm