Stainless Steel Geared Drives

A complete stainless steel motor and gearbox solution is now available for industries that demand hygienic easy to clean designs that are free from potential contamination hazards. The corrosion resistance and hygienic characteristics are further complimented by their smooth exteriors and laser etched nameplates  which prevents the accumulation of dirt and greatly reduces the formation of germs and bacteria.

Technical data

Available Ratios Torque rating Hollow bore sizes
7:1 to 100:1 21Nm to 651Nm

14mm to 42mm

Standard features include

  • Hollow shaft manufactured from stainless steel
  • Life lubricated with fully synthetic oil
  • FKM oilseals and o-rings on closing covers
  • Insulation class F
  • Ingress protection rating of IP65
  • Suitable for inverter duty
  • Drain ports that accept "T" drain plugs