Hygienic Transfer Pumps

  • Suitable for continuous operation on liquids such as Milk, wine, beer, cream, juice etc. 
  • Handles viscosity up 500mPa.s. as standard 
  • Standard and ATEX motors available 
  • Standard and High temperature seals fitted for use on 140°C and above. 
  • Capacities up to 200m3/hr and pressures up to 13 bar. 
  • Variety of connections available, SMS, RJT, BS, Tri-Clamp DIN 11864 etc.


  • Wines & Juices
  • High Pressure Range 
  • Milk & Whey 
  • Cream to Beer 
  • Self Priming  

SOMA Sinusoidal Pumps

  • Heavy Viscous Medium 
  • Creams, Yogurt, Sauces, Treacle 
  • Honey, Confectionary

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