Solids Handling Self Priming Centrifugal & Gear Pumps

Victor "S" Range Self Priming Pumps 

  • Quick Self Priming
  • Large Solids Handling
  • High Abrasive Resistance
  • Dry Running 
  • Stainless Steel & Cast Iron 

Victor "R" Range Gear Pumps

  • Self Priming positive displacement pumps 
  • Suitable for use on viscous products such as Asphalt, emulsions, resins, soaps, paper, food & chocolate 
  • Fats, glues, oils, lacquer, molasses, paint, polymer and varnish etc. 
  • Non pulsating constant flow 
  • Capable of pumping from -60°C to 300°C 
  • Max pumping capacity 360m3/hr. 
  • Max discharge pressure 16 Bar 
  • Smooth Flow

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