Soma Pumps

- Excellent suction lift capabilities

- Shear sensitive conveyance of viscous media

- High discharge pressures

- Unique design feature ideal where product integrity is paramount

The SOMA Pumps GmbH is managed by the grandson of the inventor of the Sinusoidal Pump.He has a long experience together with his team especially for pumps according the Sinusoidal design.

The inventor of the Sinusoidal pump and the founder of MASO – Manfred Sommer – is still supporting SOMA Pumps GmbH. With his help major improvements were made in the past years to make the SOMA Sinusoidal pump design even better.

Our products are manufactured and tested under highest quality standards. In Germany all products will be sold out of the main office in Abstatt.

22 international partners are covering the markets outside of Germany.

Should you be interested in becoming a partner of SOMA than please get in touch with us



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