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Registered Trademarks of Quadrant Group:-

Acetron® LSG, Acetron® MD, Borotron® UH, Borotron® HM, DURAPRO™, Duratron® PAI, Duratron® T4203 PAI, Duratron® T4275 PAI, Duratron® T4301 PAI, Duratron® T4435 PAI, Duratron® T4501 PAI, Duratron® T4503 PAI, Duratron® T4540 PAI, Duratron® T5030 PAI, Duratron® T5530 PAI, Duratron® T7130 PAI, Duratron® T7530 PAI, Duratron® PEI, Duratron® U1000 PEI, Duratron® U2100 PEI, Duratron® U2200 PEI, Duratron® U2300 PEI, Duratron® LSG PEI, Duratron® PBI, Duratron® CU60 PBI, DURAPROTM,

Ertacetal® C, Ertacetal® H, Ertacetal® H-TF, Ertalon® 6 PLA, Ertalon® 6 SA, Ertalon® 66 SA, Ertalon® 4.6, Ertalon® 66 GF30, Ertalon® 6XAU+, Ertalon® LFX, Ertalyte®, Ertalyte® TX,         Fluorosint® 207, Fluorosint® 500, Fluorosint® HPV, Fluorosint® MT-01, Ketron® 1000 PEEK, Ketron® CA30 PEEK, Ketron® CLASSIXTM LSG PEEK, Ketron® GF30 PEEK, Ketron® LSG CA30 PEEK, Ketron® LSG GF30 PEEK, Ketron® TX PEEK, Ketron® HPV PEEK, Ketron® LSG PEEK, Nylatron® 703XL, Nylatron® GS, Nylatron® GSM, Nylatron® LFG, Nylatron® MC901, Nylatron® MD, Nylatron® NSM, Proteus® LSG HS PP,  Proteus® H PP, Quadrant® 1000 PC, Quadrant® LSG PC, Quadrant® PPSU, Quadrant® LSG PPSU, Quadrant® 1000 PSU, Quadrant® LSG PSU, QuickSilver®, Semitron® CMP LL5, Semitron® CMP XL20, Semitron® ESd 225, Semitron® ESd 410C, Semitron® ESd 420, Semitron® ESd 420V, Semitron® ESd 480, Semitron® ESd  490HR, Semitron® ESd 500HR, Semitron® ESd 520HR, Semitron® MDS 100, Semitron® MP 370, Symalit® 1000 ECTFE, Symalit® 1000 HP PVDF, Symalit® 1000 PVDF, Symalit® 1020 PVDF, Symalit® 2000 ECTFE, Symalit® 1000 ETFE, Symalit® 1000 FEP, Symalit® 1000 Flex PVDF, Symalit® 1000 HP PFA, Symalit® 1000 MFA, Symalit® 1000 PFA, Symalit® 500 MFA,  Symalit® ESd PVDF, Techtron® GF40 PPS, Techtron® HPV PPS, TIVAR® 1000, TIVAR® 1000 antistatic, TIVAR® 1000 ASTL , TIVAR® 1000 EC, TIVAR® Burnguard, TIVAR® ECO, TIVAR® 88, TIVAR® BlueLine, TIVAR® ICE, TIVAR® MD, TIVAR® 1000 ASTL, TIVAR® 1000 EC, TIVAR® Burnguard, TIVAR® Ceram P, TIVAR® CleanStat, TIVAR® DrySlide, TIVAR® DS, TIVAR® H.O.T, TIVAR® Oil Filled, TIVAR® SuperPlus, TIVAR® TECH, TIVAR®, MediTech, Chirulen®, Extrulen™, GMTex®, SymaLITE®, MultiQ®

Some Brands / Trademarks from Quadrant have been replaced but still maybe available such as Cestidur®, Polypenco®, Cestilene, Cestlite, Cestitech, Cesticolor,


Registered Trademarks of Westlake Plastics Co:-Absylux®, Clariflex™, Dielux®, HTP800®, Lennite® Pomalux®, Propylux®, Tempalux®, Thermalux®, Westlake®, Zelux® are a Norylux™.

Kynar® is a Registered Trademark of Arkema Inc., Ultem®, is a registered trademarks of GE Plastics, Halar® is a Registered Trademark of the Solvay Solexis Corporation. TPX® is a Registered Trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Inc., Stanyl ® is a Registered Trademark of DSM, Victrex ® & PEEK™ are Registered Trademarks of Victrex plc., Ardel ®, Radel ® and Torlon ® , are registered trademarks of Solvay Advanced Polymers, Tufnol® is a registered trademark of Tufnol Limited, Tufset, Bear, Carp, Crow, Lynx, Vole and Whale are Trade Name of Tufnol Limited, Delrin®, Teflon®, Tefzel®, Vespel® & Kapton® are registered trademarks of DuPont, Turcite® is a registered trademark of Busak+Shamban, Inc., Rulon® and Meldin® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Optolite™ is a Trade Name of Instrument Plastics Limited, Corzan is a trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation, Eslon is a trademark of SEKISUI Chemical GmbH, CELAZOLE® is a Registered Trademarks of PBI Performance Products Inc. Kaylan ® is a trademark of Kay-Dee Ltd UK.

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