Introducing Techtron® HPV PPS

Posted: 29th September, 2015 in Engineering Plastics

Techtron-HPV in Packaging

This reinforced, internally, lubricated polyphenylene sulphide grade demonstrates an excellent combination of properties including wear resistance, load bearing capabilities and dimensional stability when exposed to chemicals and high temperature environment.

Property Profile

  • Very high maximum allowable service temperature in air (220°C continuously up to 260°C for short periods).

    Techtron® HPV PPS

  • High mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance, also at elevated temperatures
  • Compliant for contact with food (See Below)
  • Excellent wear & frictional behaviour
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance 
  • Very Good UV-resistance
  • Inherent low flamability
  • Good electrical insulating & dielectric properties

Stock availability

Techtron® HPV is available in Alperton in a wide range of sizes in Rod, Plate, Strip and Tube - please ask us to quote for the size you require


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